I am a creative type and a hopeful entrepreneur. I reside in the Buena Park neighborhood of Chicago and work as a self-employed Creative Retoucher doing work for advertising photography. I started doing professional retouching in 2005 while mingled with photography projects. In January of 2008 just after a move to Chicago I started doing retouching full-time and never looked back. I love the fantastic community here in Chicago and all the wonderful people I have worked with and been able to meet who make this world happen. Yes the people tricking you into buying things you don't need, they are really quite lovely people.

When I'm not working long hours, or durring breaks, I make pizza at home. No not frozen pizza; pizza from scratch. Cooking is that hands on creative outlet that I need, plus the result is ideally delicious to eat. I started making pizza at home during college as art school was too expensive to splurg on a Donatos pepperoni pizza everytime I wanted one. With much praise from family and friends on my pizza skillz in 2012 I set out to help others navigate creating this favorite food at home by launching TheHomePizzeria.com

While not abandoning any of my other projects I added one more project to my plate. With an official soft launch in Febuary of 2014 I created a professional creative work sharing website to offer professional creatives a unified place to share their latest work. I love the simplicity of the idea and working on turning it into platform that is truely benificial to the creative community. Check it out and if you like the idea, please share it: Visogler.com

Lastly I love road cycling. I own plenty of lycra jerseys, shoes you can't walk in and two wonderful bikes; a Cannondale Caad 9 and a 1960ish Raleigh Record (fixie convert ) purchased from my photographer friend Ashton Ray Hansen. Zipping down Forestway Drive; wheel to wheel with other cyclists on perfectly tuned bike with the wind rushing through your helmet and your legs burning as you approach 30 mph is perhaps one of the greatest feelings ever. Well pretty close anyways.

Ohh and if you want to go back that far ... I was born on an ideal May afternoon in Kentucky during the fabulous year of 1983.